When Is The Toyota Grand Highlander Coming Out?

Have you ever wished for a vehicle that combines the practicality of an SUV with the versatility of a minivan? Well, get ready to be blown away because the Toyota Grand Highlander is on the horizon. This exciting vehicle takes the already impressive Highlander SUV and stretches it to provide even more room for all your adventures. But that’s not all; it also introduces exciting powertrain options, a multitude of trims to choose from, and a host of convenience and technology features. So, if you’re wondering when the Toyota Grand Highlander will hit the market, mark your calendars for summer 2023 and get ready to experience a whole new level of driving excellence.

When Is The Toyota Grand Highlander Coming Out

The Toyota Grand Highlander is set to be released in summer 2023. It will offer more space for people and cargo, with a roomy third row, and will come in three trims: XLE, Limited, and Platinum. The vehicle will have three powertrain options, including a hybrid variant with 362 horsepower. The Grand Highlander will feature various convenience and technology features, as well as Toyota’s TSS 3.0 driver-assistance features for added safety. Complimentary scheduled maintenance will also be included.

  • Release date: Summer 2023
  • More space for people and cargo
  • Three trims available: XLE, Limited, and Platinum
  • Three powertrain options, including a hybrid variant
  • Convenience and technology features included
  • Toyota’s TSS 3.0 driver-assistance features and complimentary scheduled maintenance offered


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💡 Pro Tips:

1. The Toyota Grand Highlander is expected to have best-in-class cargo space, making it a great choice for those who need to transport large items or have a lot of luggage.
2. The hybrid variant of the Grand Highlander is anticipated to have impressive fuel efficiency, helping to save on fuel costs and reduce environmental impact.
3. The third row of the Grand Highlander is designed to comfortably accommodate adults, making it a practical choice for families or anyone who regularly carries passengers in the back.
4. The Platinum trim of the Grand Highlander is expected to come with luxurious features such as premium leather upholstery and a panoramic sunroof, providing a high-end driving experience.
5. Toyota’s TSS 3.0 driver-assistance features, included on the Grand Highlander, offer advanced safety technologies to help prevent accidents and protect occupants on the road.

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Anticipating The Toyota Grand Highlander Release Date

The automotive world is abuzz with excitement as Toyota prepares to launch its latest addition to the Highlander family – the Toyota Grand Highlander. This highly anticipated SUV promises to take the already popular Highlander to new heights with its stretched design and enhanced features. One of the most pressing questions on the minds of potential buyers is, “When is the Toyota Grand Highlander coming out?” Fortunately, we have the answers to satisfy your curiosity.

Stay Updated: Toyota Grand Highlander Arrival Date

With eager consumers anxiously awaiting the arrival of the Toyota Grand Highlander, Toyota has been forthcoming with information on the release date. According to the latest reports, the Grand Highlander is scheduled to hit dealership showrooms in the summer of 2023. This is welcome news for those who have been patiently waiting for an opportunity to experience the grandeur and spaciousness of this new SUV.

Countdown To The Toyota Grand Highlander Launch

As the countdown to the Toyota Grand Highlander launch begins, automotive enthusiasts and prospective buyers have already started speculating about what this stretched version of the beloved Highlander will offer. One of the most exciting features of the Grand Highlander is its expanded interior space, which includes a roomy third row. This means that families and adventurers alike can comfortably accommodate more passengers and cargo on their journeys.

Unveiling The Toyota Grand Highlander: Release Details

When the Toyota Grand Highlander finally graces the automotive world with its presence, buyers will have plenty of options to choose from. The Grand Highlander will be available in three trims: XLE, Limited, and Platinum. Each trim boasts its own set of features and amenities to cater to the diverse needs and preferences of buyers.

The XLE trim, for instance, offers heated front seats, an infotainment touchscreen, and a remarkable range of driver-assistance features. This makes it an ideal choice for drivers who prioritize comfort and convenience during their daily commutes or long road trips. Additionally, the XLE trim comes equipped with a powerful 265-horsepower turbocharged four-cylinder engine, providing ample power and performance for various driving conditions.

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Coming Soon: Toyota Grand Highlander Release Timeline

In terms of powertrain options, the Toyota Grand Highlander does not disappoint. Buyers will have the choice of three powertrain options, including a hybrid variant with a staggering 362 horsepower. This hybrid powertrain not only offers impressive performance but also improves fuel efficiency, making it an attractive option for eco-conscious drivers. Furthermore, the top-spec hybrid powertrain enables the Grand Highlander to tow up to 5000 pounds, providing ample capability for towing trailers or recreational vehicles.

While fuel economy estimates for the Grand Highlander have not been released yet, Toyota’s reputation for producing efficient vehicles suggests that buyers can expect impressive fuel efficiency figures from this SUV.

The Toyota Grand Highlander: Exceptional Features and Safety

In addition to its spacious interior and impressive powertrain options, the Toyota Grand Highlander shines with its abundance of convenience and technology features. For example, the SUV comes equipped with a power liftgate, allowing for easy access to the cargo area. Additionally, a wireless charging pad is included, ensuring that your devices are always powered up and ready to go.

When it comes to safety, Toyota prides itself on delivering top-notch features, and the Grand Highlander is no exception. The SUV includes Toyota’s TSS 3.0 driver-assistance features, which provide an additional layer of confidence and peace of mind on the road. Standard safety features such as automated emergency braking and adaptive cruise control further contribute to the Grand Highlander’s commitment to safety.


With its stretched design, roomy interior, and powerful powertrain options, the Toyota Grand Highlander is set to make a grand entrance into the SUV market. As the release date draws near, prospective buyers are eagerly anticipating the opportunity to experience the grandeur and sophistication of this exceptional vehicle. Whether you prioritize ample passenger and cargo space, advanced technology features, or safety, the Grand Highlander aims to exceed all expectations. So mark your calendars for the summer of 2023 and get ready to embark on grand adventures with the Toyota Grand Highlander.

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